Julio Botella is a travel expert with a strong international background that provides professional advice to both the travel and hospitality industry as well as corporate and particular clients.


Julio developed his career in Spain, France and the U.S.A. He has travelled tirelessly for joy and work throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the United States, The Caribbean and the Far East.


Julio shares his passion for travel:

• Helping Travel & Hospitality companies building strategies to offer affordable travel enrichment to their market targets.

• Helping corporate clients and organizations in their travel needs.


Julio has a keen sense for:

• Travel challenges solving: facilitating people to travel more, better…and cheaper!

• Industry activation: fueling the industry´s resources to just make travel happen!

• Destination promotion:  helping destinations to be discovered and enjoyed!


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Who is

JBTravel puts his strong and loyal international network now in your hands








Industry Consultancy:

Professional expertise to best advise your travel and hospitality related company in your professional needs.








 Travel Advice:

The best travel arrangements for your travel needs at the best price.

What does
JBTravel do?

JBTravel works in two ways:





Industry Consultancy:

For travel & hospitality industry companies that seek external business solutions, JBTravel offers professional expertise and services to transform challenges into profit.






 Travel Advice:

• Companies looking for better, cheaper or different corporate travel arrangements.

• Groups with a special interest or activity.

• Individuals looking for a tailor made travel experience.

• The best suppliers at the desired destinations.


How does
JBTravel work


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